Throughout his professional career, Marco Teixeira has built up his reputation for his refined, demanding and high quality work and in particular for his fine utilisation of space, light architecture and interior design through grounding his project in his experiences and concepts of life. The choice of fine materials and a particular passion for art manages to combine a certain gravitas with great elegance. Architecture and interior design, from the perspective of Marco Teixeira, are fields falling far from fashion and trends and should represent synonyms for timeless beauty, harmony and subtle luxury. He believes that true comfort is not some trivial richness but rather a delicacy noted for its rarity.

This uniqueness has become ever

more apparent and has also proven a benchmark for his identity as from the moment he opened his architecture and interior design firm FORWARD, with its headquarters in Lisbon, offices in London and expanding its international scope by opening in Brazil.

His sense of perfectionism has convinced his clients to entrust him with the architectural and interior design of their homes and businesses and conveyed in a personalised life style in each particular case and which has led to international award winning recognition along the way. His projects have furthermore featured in important publications in markets as far afield as China, Japan, Brazil, Europe and the Middle East.

FORWARD is an international brand spanning the fields of architecture and interior design, drawing upon a multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial team of specialist creatives producing projects of excellence incorporating both innovation and distinctiveness.

The continued integration and enhancement of professionals drawn from many different countries within his team takes place in an environment of seeking out new knowledge, innovative techniques and cultural differences from the perspective of incorporating such inputs into projects thereby rendered simultaneously singular, multicultural, charismatic and sophisticated.

“Look back to go forward”

Tailored Furniture

Marco Teixeira encountered the need to design exclusive furniture collections, both for his own projects and the international tailored furniture marketplace, out of a desire to render his interior design projects still more personal in style. His great personal interested in contemporary art led him to design pieces pure in character and geometry, timeless and with luxury finishings, produced by craftsmanship and in limited editions.

The combination of materials, exotic and rare woods with structures and finishings in fine metals such as copper and bronze, endows each piece with the contemporary uniqueness intended by the signature of his pieces.

Restoring craftsmanship techniques of longstanding tradition but bringing them up to modern times confers a certain timelessness to these handcrafted processes. With significant production capacity, each piece is hand-made, thus raising both the product quality standard and differentiating the production runs whilst innovating and elevating style to another contemporary level.

The level of demand made of each piece stands out in its resulting elegance, sophistication and luxurious purity.

“Metal & Wood: Pure Contemporary Art”